Tuesday, February 25, 2014

AP Lit 3G: On-Demand & Synthesis Thinking

So we'll open with a test prep session: writing prompt.

You'll be given a poem and a writing prompt and fifteen minutes to complete
a) Pre-Writing
b) Thesis Statement
c) 1st Body Paragraph

That's it.

We'll then workshop your pieces and approaches.  See if we can find trends and strategies that seem to be lending themselves to more confident thinking.

From there, we'll spend some time brainstorming our next synthesis pieces by digging into "How to Read Lit Like a Professor" and the Joyce decks you've built.  We'll try to uncover some ideas and big thinking that could produce an epic synthesis.

Well I wanted us to end our work today with Hamlet, as I'd like us to make some progress these next two weeks.  I think Prince Hamlet and Victor Frankenstein could have some fascinating conversations.  Instead we got talking about 3-D printing and other cool things I'm hoping to make part of your senior year before it's all said and done.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post: Casting Call. Frankenstein. Please. Please. Please. Can we have a good one? Please.
Due: Feb 28

Write: Frankliners: 1st Submission
Due: Tues/Wed., Feb 25/26
Note: Be certain to put a clean "1st submission" draft in your Google Drive IN folder

Read: Frankenstein
Due: Thr/Fri. Feb 27/28
Prepare: To discuss & explore at length! 

Think & Design: Synthesis #3
Prepare: Thesis Statement & Map
Thesis & Map Due: Thr/Fr. Feb 27/28

Study: MUGS Comprehensive 1-3 Quiz
Prepare: Retakes & Comprehensive Quiz
Due: Thr/Fri Feb 27/28

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