Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PACE: Macbeth & Quack & Pitches

We started Tuesday with an activity using the Quack vocab and refreshing our Macbeth brains.

We broke into groups of two or three, each group was given a couple of Quack words from Unit 1 Part 1 of Quack.  Then the groups were told to create a two to three sentence pitch for movie/TV show/video game based on Macbeth using those words effectively.  The pitches were then posted to the class blogs.

Quiz on QUACK Unit 1 Part 1 on Thursday.

From there, folks had three choices.

One, work with Ms. Campbell on a close reading of Macbeth Act 2.1 and completing the Macbeth organizers.

Two, work with Mr. Ryder on developing ideas for pitches.

Three, work independently on graphic organizers, pitches, studying for QUACK, blogging and more.

We had some productive work in each area including the ideas below.


Blogs: 3+ 
Req'd Post: Where's the Macbeth in that?  What have you watched, seen, read, heard that prove Macbeth's themes and characters are still relevant to today? Explain your thinking.
Due: Friday, Feb 28
Macbeth Graphic Organizers: Must Complete 3
Teacher Pace Due Dates:
Wed: Feb 12
Tue: Feb 25
Wed: Mar 5

MUGS: Commonly Confused Words #2
Quiz: Friday, Feb 14 (NEW MAKE UP DATE - FRIDAY, Mar 7)

QUACK: Unit 1 Part 1
Quiz & Product Due: Thursday Feb 27

Start Thinking & Planning: Movie/Video Game/TV Show Pitches & Bibles
Due: March 13

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