Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Humanities: Back on Track

So, we had a weird couple of days before break with snow and snow days and here we go  . . . 

Mr. Dunbar explained the new grade book set up.  There will be more information sent home to your folks AND if they have any questions at all, please encourage them to call and/or email.

After that, we reconnected with Speak.  We used GoSoapbox to do a little surveying of where we are all with the book.  And then Mr. Dunbar ran an activity where we imagined what various characters from the book would say about contemporary issues such as the Olympics and Miley Cyrus.

Mr. Ryder read aloud starting from the beginning of the third marking period, right around page 95 or so.

Presentations on Merryweather High Orientation Proposals are due in class on Tuesday.  There will be no make up on this one.  Either you deliver the presentation to the board and admin, or you do not.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post:  Think back to those first weeks of high school school.  Make a list of five or more things you wish someone had told you about life at Mt. Blue.  Explain your thinking behind each of them.

Roots: 10 (Over 6 - 10)
Roots Quiz 10: Thurs., March 6
Roots Product Due: Thurs., March 6

Present: Merryweather High Orientation Proposal
Due: Tuesday, Feb 25

Speak: Finish 3rd Marking Period (page 148)
Due: Thursday, Feb 27

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