Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PACE: Macbeth & Pitches & More

Today was an early release day, so we didn't have time to dig too deep.  What we did today, however, can be repeated on Friday with a little bit more teacher PACE time at each area.  Also, I'm hoping to create some flipped classroom videos for you folks.

One station: Independence.  Work at your own pace on the Macbeth organizers, MUGS studying, QUACK studying and/or the Pitching Power project.

Another station: Pitching power.  We looked at the show bibles in the Google Drive and the rubric for the project.  We used a "I wish, I wonder, I noticed" protocol to capture our thinking.

And yet another station: Guided reading of scene 1.7 from Macbeth as Lady Macbeth and Macbeth discuss the possibility of Duncan's murder.


Blogs: 3+ 
Req'd Post: Pre-Thinking Your Pitch.  Take some time to brainstorm, to mess around with ideas, to talk out loud, to sketch and design, to use whatever tools you like -- digital or not -- to come up with some ideas for your project.  Questions you could answer that might help:
Would you make a movie, TV show, video game or book series?
Where might you set your story? Think about settings that feature a lot of people, a lot of relationships, and a lot of power dynamics.
Who might be an interesting main character? What does this character want? What is keeping this character from getting it?
Due: Friday, Feb 14

Macbeth Graphic Organizers: Must Complete 3
Teacher Pace Due Dates:
Wed: Feb 12
Tue: Feb 25
Wed: Mar 5

MUGS: Commonly Confused Words #2
Quiz: Friday, Feb 14

QUACK: Unit 1 Part 1
Quiz & Product Due: Thursday Feb 27

Start Thinking & Planning: Movie/Video Game/TV Show Pitches & Bibles
Due: Early March

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