Monday, May 5, 2014

PACE: Work Plans, Pre Writing

On Friday, we established our fourth quarter work log.  If you check the Due Dates spreadsheet in the Google Drive, you will find a sheet for Quarter 4.

And what you will see includes a suggested teacher PACE timetable for the rest of the quarter.  Included are stages and assessments of the book work as well as the essay work.

For the rest of class, folks could opt into two activities or work independently.

In the reading activity, we read an excerpt from House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisernos.  

We practiced using the GIST literacy strategy to document our understanding.

You can find the GIST form in your Google Drive PACE OUT folder.

We also did some work with our essay writing and used a "Why" chart exercise.  We established our essential questions and then started asking the question "Why?" to explore possibilities for our arguments.


Blog: 3+ Posts (Q4 Wk 2.)
Req'd Post: Make a five song playlist for conflict resolution and post it on your blog with explanations for each one.  You might choose songs that feature each type of conflict or you might choose a song you'd suggest one listen to in order to resolve a conflict.  Explain your thinking for each.
Person vs Self
Person vs Nature
Person vs Person
Person vs Society
Person vs Technology

Quiz: Thursday, May 8

Quiz: TBA.

Read:  2 Novels from Selections
Complete: 3 Graphic Organizers Per Selection
Due: June 1
Complete 1st Book by May 15

Write: 2 Essays over Self Selected Essential Questions
Due: June 8 
Complete 1st Working Draft of 1st by May 15

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