Sunday, February 8, 2015

Brit Lit CPI: Beowulf & Boasting Continues

Today . . . 

We'll start with some more boasting and smack talk -- this time via ERB.  


We're going to start our first work with commonly mistaken words.  We'll be looking at:

  • their/there/they're
  • to/too/two
  • then/than

Their: possessive
There: location
They're: contraction of they are

To: preposition -- used with a verb -- to go, to swim; handed to, given to, run to
Too: also or quantity
Two: the number 2

Then: order, time  -- I took my snowmachine out for a run, then I ate forty-seven Ring Dings.
Than: comparison  -- I'd rather throw dead batteries at cows than listen to another Pitbull song.

You'll take a quick quiz for me to get a baseline of your skills in this particular area.


We'll share out the work you folks did the other day.  It's here I'll show you how to access the folders on Google Drive and turn in work on Google Classroom.

Most every group finished the work so we should be in good shape to look at what happens when Beowulf arrives and how he battles Grendel.

Those chapters you'll work on individually.  The idea here is that if you were able to work with partners before  -- as most of you did -- you should be okay tackling a chunk on your own.

And this is also where Beowulf starts talking serious smack and Grendel shows up and claws and gnashing and all the good stuff.

You'll complete a second organizer, but this one focused on Beowulf's boasts.

Here's a graphic organizer to keep you rolling.

Then today there will be time to start this, which we intended to do last week . . 

Req'd Blog Post for the Week:  Letting Fly the Taunts and Volleys of a Thousand Suns Upon the Ears of the Meek Before Us a.k.a. Running Our Mouths

Boast, brag, run yer mouth about anything you like -- just keep it relatively school friendly.  It could be aggressive and calling someone or something out or it could be talking about how great you are at knitting.  I trust you to use your best judgement there.  Remember: swearing is lazy.  It can be fun.  And it's lazy.   Your boast

Write or audio/video record two versions:
One. Your style.  Your words.
Two.  Beowulf style.  His words.

Your goal?  To show me you understand how the language used in Beowulf, the style and format, isn't all that different from today by using it yourself.

Option.  Not feeling like bragging about anything particular about yourself?  Do what the bards & the scops did back in the day: make up a character.  Just let me know whether it is invented or real.

Due.  Friday, Feb 13.

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