Sunday, February 8, 2015

Humanities: Theme Song Essays: Intros & Thesis Statements

We'll start as we do every Monday: LNG.

Though I might be feeling some improv-ness or creative thinking quick hits to start us off . . . hrmmm . . .

We will also talk about Extended Day Program and how everyone in this class could be benefitting from getting some extra help after school.

Then LNG with Brackett so we can really start nailing those.  Boom.  Hardcore.  No quarter.

From there, we will share out our pre-writing.  I want to get a look at what ideas you already have going.  To hear which songs people are finding work best for their brains.

And then we'll run a thesis and introduction workshop, ideate a pile of ideas to help us.


Blog. 3+ Posts
Req'd Post. Look at the LNG choices for this week and find a theme song for one of the people featured in the article.  Post a video or the song itself and explain your thinking in 3 to 5 sentences.

Feel like doing others?  Go for it!

Write.  Introduction & thesis statement.
Due. Tomorrow.  Workshopping in class.

1st Draft of Entire Essay.  Due Thursday.

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