Monday, February 23, 2015

Brit Lit: Putting the Team Together & Canterbury Tales

We'll start by reviewing what it means to form a team.  Take a look at a handful of these clips.  What do you notice as trends across them?  What stands out as unique or different?

From there we'll complete an activity called 8Box.  It's a way for you to put together some ideas for the mini project around the corner and help me get to know you a bit better for the rest of this semester.  This will lead into our next work. . .

There'll be a bit of a pause in the team action as we take a look at No Red Ink and work with To/Too/Two and Then/Than.  You can choose to work with one of the teachers in the room or independently based on your needs.

Then it's back to the team . . .

We'll look at one of the oldest "pulling together the team" sequences in the English language: the Canterbury Tales prologue.  We'll look at the various characters that were pulled together at that time, see what the people were like when it was written, what they seemed to care about, what their skill sets were, and also some of their less fortunate qualities.

We'll work together through one of the characters and then you'll break into groups of 1, 2 or 3 to tackle the others and analyze each using a Notice/Wish/Wonder Graphic Organizer.

Each one is linked below.


What we don't finish in class today, we'll finish up on Thursday.  This all leads into our first mini project: Portland Tales.


Req'd Post:  Putting together a team.  If you had to pull together a team of friends and family to solve a problem, what would that problem be and who would you assemble to solve it?  Justify each of your choices with specific reasons.

Due. Friday.  Feb 27.

No Red Ink.
If You Scored Below 90% on Their/To/Than Pre-Assessment Quiz
Complete All Listed Assignments

Due. Mon. Mar 2.

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