Monday, February 23, 2015

Pop Culture: And the Oscar Goes to . . .

Sunday night was a big evening for the movie industry as the Academy Awards were doled out.  The event pretty much caps the awards season after the Golden Globes (film & TV) and the Grammys (music) and some important but lesser known awards (SAG -- movies).

Today we'll take a look at the winners and the nominees and take a look the extent to which these awards reflect our tastes and interests as movie watchers.

We'll be using the movie ballot at

We won't use every category for our work -- only the following.

Best Picture
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actress
Visual Effects
Animated Feature

You'll code the ballot with the following.
H. Heard of It.
S.  Seen It.
N. Never Heard of It.

We'll take your codes, collect the data, and see what trends merge.  Then we'll explore ways of visualizing these understandings.  Different ways to show the data.  Especially using as our inspiration -- because that will help us head into our comedy unit.

We'll develop questions from our data as well as we uncover the sorts of questions we should be asking for the rest of this semester as we explore pop culture.


Blog. 3+ Posts.
Req'd Post.  Design Your Own Pop Culture Related Awards Show.
What would it be called?
What would be the categories?
Who would be the nominees this year?  The winner?
Explain your choices for the above and then . . .
Create a logo or promotional poster for the awards as well.

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