Monday, February 23, 2015

Humanities: Firing Up & Making Happiness. DT Flashlab.

This week we revisit two projects that are unresolved: fidgets and Romeo & Juliet.  To do so, we've got to re-familiarize ourselves with the DEEP design thinking process and today's class is intended to do just that.


We'll start with a quick LNG.  We want to have a nice collection of evidence from all of you that you are understanding these texts and demonstrating those understandings.  It's why we keep hitting on this.  It is also how we tackle our current events portion of the curriculum.

During this time, we'll be circulating around and giving you lengths of blue painters tape.  We want you to make your desk into quadrants.


Materials. You will each be given a manila folder, 4 paper clips, and a length of tape. You may also access your design kits and the two drawers of markers, pencils, glue and scissors in the design cabinet.

Your challenge is:  HMW increase happiness at Mt. Blue Campus?
Constraint: these materials, graphic organizers, and 45 minutes on the clock

Process.  You may follow the DEEP DT process in whatever order you like.  If you already want to experiment, go for it.  If you want to jump right into empathy, that's okay as well.  If you want to go in order, that's why it's called a process.

Why the quadrants?  To help us track your progress through the 45 minutes, you will be putting evidence of each phase in the boxes as you complete the phase.  This way we can observe your process, offer guidance, ask questions, and generally assist you to the end.

If you would like a larger space to work, we've the tables in the room at your disposal or you may double up two desks.

Blog. 3+ Posts.
Req'd Blog Post.  Choose any of the TED Talks posted here and on Google Classroom. (I've got a list going of three/four choices.) 

Explain how your folder challenge product relates to the ideas presented in that TED Talk OR how it doesn't connect at all.  Prove your case with specifics. (NOTE.  That last part is important.  We are stepping up the blog posts.  These should be demonstrating more and more evidence of your thinking and understanding moving forward.)
Some thinking prompts.
How would your product be similar or different had you watched this TED Talk first?
How does your product reflect the spirit of that TED Talk?
What might that speaker say about your product?
What kind of feedback would you expect from that speaker?

Due. Friday, Feb 27.

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