Monday, April 13, 2015

Humanities: Empathy Phase: Photo Essay Challenge

Last Wednesday we mapped our our cultural identities based on the eight components of culture.  Each circle represents a component, the placement and overlapping reveal how much, or how little, each plays a role in our lives.  After personal maps, we collaborated in groups on maps of our community culture.  This worked served as part of our Discovery phase.

This is a shot of my #sketchnotes plan for the day.

Here are some of the insights and trends we mapped after looking at our models.

This gave us some fuel for going into Thursday where we spent our energy identifying the various users we may have for our photo essays.  This marked our first day of Empathy phase in our DEEP design thinking process.  

What did we notice from our culture work on Wednesday?  We revisited it on Thursday.

And that led us to Friday where we had at the opportunity to talk with the crew from South Carolina again, if only briefly.  We had a couple of class leaders take on the task of conducting an empathy conversation.  This gave us some valuable insights as to how we should shape our photo essays this week.

This takes us into Monday . . .

Monday we dive into Experiment mode.  Folks should be coming with photos they've taken so far and start playing with formats for their photo essays.

There's time to brainstorm and play and sketchnote and storyboard.  We'll be using some of our 8 Box techniques and other means of getting to great photo essays.

Tuesday will be more experimenting and then Wednesday, we practice.


BLOG.  3+ Posts.
Req'd Post.  Explore Pecha Kucha and Ignite.  Find an example here or here.   In your blog post explain why you chose this sample as a mentor text -- a model you can follow for you own.  What made it great and interesting to you?

Friday.  Friday.  Friday.

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