Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Humanities 2BG: Less & More, Guidelines & Expectations


We want to make sure we get your flags today.  And we also want to make sure folks have their design kits all bagged up and ready to roll.

Less/More Hashtag Activity.

Today we'll start with this video from Amy Burvall.

As you watch, you'll jot down the less/mores that speak to you.  After a think-pair-share, you and a partner will put a couple on Post-Its and we'll see which connected most.

We're doing this activity so I can get a sense of your abilities to watch a video for information, think about it, discuss it, and create something new from it.  

Then we'll take a few minutes to create our own and tweet/Instagram/Periscope them out.

Thirty Circles.

We are participating in a bit of an experiment with other students and thinkers in western Maine.  It's the thirty circles doodle experiment.  You'll have three minutes to fill all of the circles.

We're doing this activity so I can see how well you process visually.  We are going to be using sketching and doodling all year to help us understand complex ideas and develop rad skills.

Guidelines & Expectations.

Finally, the big activity of the day will be exploring Guidelines & Expectations.  We'll be using a notice/wish/wonder tool to help us better understand the handout you'll receive in class.

Here's a video of the Guidelines  & Expectations as well.  It's a bit hard to see but . . . it's there.

We're doing this to better understand what you will be doing in class this year and also for me to start assessing your reading and thinking skills.

Out of Class Work.

Please get the information sheet from the guidelines and expectations completed this week.
Due Friday 9.11.15

Complete your personal flag if you have not yet.
Due Friday 9.11.15 

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