Tuesday, September 8, 2015

AP Lit: Less/More, Book Projects and Feedback

Less/More Hashtag Activity.

Today we'll start with this video from Amy Burvall.

As you watch, jot down the less/mores that speak to you.  Then create your own.

We're doing this activity to build a sense of community in the room and also to interact with the thoughts of the underclassmen classes participating in a more involved version of this activity.  

Then we'll take a few minutes to create our own and tweet/Instagram/Periscope them out.

Guidelines & Expectations.

Finally, the big activity of the day will be exploring Guidelines & Expectations. 

Here's a video of the Guidelines  & Expectations as well.  It's a bit hard to see but . . . it's there.

Summer Book Project.

We'll share our book projects and provide feedback to one another through post-it notes.  This will in turn lead to mapping our feedback based on most effective to least effective.  We will be working on increasing the effectiveness of our feedback.  

The feedback from both classes; less effective feedback on the left, more effective on the right; notice that both classes have very similar distribution.  Goal for next round of feedback?
Flip that distribution.

Out of Class Work.

Read & Annotate.  How to Read Lit Like a Professor "Introduction"
Due 9.10.15 

Start looking for Quarter 1 Indie Book Project title.
Project Due.  1st Class of 2nd Quarter. 

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