Friday, March 4, 2016

Pop Culture: Soundtrack of Your Life

On Monday, you will have all class to work on this project, as well as your blog posts.

  • Identify 6 significant songs from various points in your life.  Rather than consider songs you enjoyed, consider songs that remind you of particular people or experiences -- good, bad, or anywhere in between.  Consider any emotional connection you might have.
  • Identify the artist, title of the song, and the year each song was released.  Use the following format (and note the quotation marks and parentheses)
Pearl Jam, “Better Man” (1993)

  • Identify a significant line from the lyrics of each song that reminds you of your experiences -- if there are lyrics to that song.
  • Write a 5-7 sentence paragraph for each song explaining why that song matters so much to your life experience.
  • Embed/link each song on your song or create an embeddable playlist using Spotify, YouTube or another music service.
  • Extension Opportunity.  Demonstrate your media skills by creating album art for your soundtrack including a title.  

Blog.  Post at least one of your soundtracks of your life.
Due. Monday, March 6. 2016.
Yep.  Today in Class.

Design.  Soundtrack of Your Life.
Due.  Friday, March 11. 2016.

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