Monday, March 14, 2016

Pop Culture: Podcasting Continues

We'll start with sharing our soundtracks in class.  We'll each share a song and a rationale.

UPDATE.  WE MADE A MIX TAPE!  We each shared one of our songs from our Soundtrack of Our Lives, provided the reason we included it in our soundtracks and then made this mix.

Then we have two missions today.

1.  To design, record and produce your soundtrack of your life podcast.

2.  Read one of these two articles on podcasting


then search for three or more podcasts that you might enjoy.  Give them a partial listen.  See what you think . . .

and complete a Notice/Wish/Wonder reading graphic organizer to demonstrate your understanding of podcasting.

Produce.  Your Soundtrack of Your Life Podcast.
Due.  Thursday.  3.17.16

Blog.  My Potential Life as a Podcaster.
Armed with your knowledge of podcasting from your listenings last week, your readings today, and your investigation of podcasts you might enjoy,  describe in detail a podcast you would produce.  Some design elements to consider:  What would the topics and format be? How long would an episode be?  Would you have a co-host or go it solo?  What podcast might be similar?  What would you do to make it your own?  Would it cost money or would it be free?  How might you monetize it?
Due.  Thursday. 3.17.16

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