Monday, October 17, 2016

AP Lit: "Fear No More" & Mrs. Dalloway

Today we tackled Mrs. Dalloway by way of a SCOUT-ing of Shakespeare's "Fear No More the Heat O' the Sun".

These are just some of the ideas that emerged . . .

We brought these ideas around to Mrs. Dalloway and made a number of connections between the poem and the novel, as well as to Cunningham's The Hours.   Most importantly we uncovered some of Woolf's intentions -- her use of allusions, her use of stream of consciousness -- as well as Cunningham's.

We also decided to hold a Dallowinian Party.  You can see the planning notes from an earlier AP Lit class here.  We will hold this roleplay listening/speaking/reading assessment event next Thursday, October 27th, just in time for Halloween.

Read.  Mrs. Dalloway.  Finish the Book. 
Due. Friday 10.21.16

Blog.  Two Posts.
Critical Creativity Post.  A  Mrs. Dalloway employs color in meaningful, powerful ways.  Perhaps you have noticed this, perhaps  you have not.  (Pay particular attention to flowers, foods, skies, clothing and faces.)

Use  to create a custom palette of at least three colors relating to meaning in Mrs. Dalloway.  You will need to name the palette and each color within it.  Be certain to choose purposeful names and push your self to go beyond the concrete.  (Concrete:  "blue sky" because the sky was blue.)
Share your palette on your blog w/ explanations of your choices.

Analytical Post. The Hours & Mrs. Dalloway. Discuss the evidence of Woolf's influence on Cunningham. Consider not only plot points and characters, but perhaps also structure, language, theme and more.

Indie Book Project.
Due Last Class of the Quarter.

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