Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Eng 9: Roots, Blogs, Reading, Design & Stories: So Much to Do

ROOTS 3. (10 Minutes) Go to the link in the sidebar for Roots & Quizlet.  Find the Roots 3 Quizlet and get familiar with the new words by using the various review tools and games there.  There will be an activity early next week to help you know them better.  There will be a quiz over Roots 1-3 on Wednesday/Thursday.

READING & DESIGN.  Cardboard Articles. (DISCOVERY PHASE) (30 minutes)

Choose one of these articles to read and complete a Notice/Wish/Wonder organizer. You will find that organizer in the English 9 OUT Folder in Google drive.  It is due today in class.  This is a reading assessment.

About the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset .

About the Perfect Cardboard Box .

About Cardboard Drumming.

We are going to hold off on blogging right at the moment.  It's a little chaotic.  There's a lot of moving parts and pieces and I want to be sitting here to help us get on track with it.  It's totally okay.   Nothing is going to count against you.  We just need to be doing it consistently and on a schedule and that's on me.  Not a big.  We'll get back to it.


PERIOD 4G:  I'd like you to prepare for your empathy interviews (to be conducted on Monday) by coming up with the four or more questions your design team (groups of 1, 2 or 3 members) will ask your user to help find out what problems they could use a solution to, what might bring them joy, or what might entertain them.

PERIOD 2B & 4B: Today I'd like you to take a single piece of paper, fold it into 8 Boxes, and doodle/note, work up 8 different ideas for what you might make to meet the needs/solve the problem/entertain/bring joy to your user.  You are in Experiment mode.  A really good time to mess around and try new things.  It isn't time to commit yet.   Take a picture of your 8 Box and put it in your Google Drive English IN folder.

1st NARRATIVE WRITING ASSESSMENT (EMPATHY & ADVOCACY) There's a rubric in your Google Drive IN folders.  (Remaining Time in Class.)

I'd like you to practice your sketchnote skills by sketchnoting your ideas for your writing assessment.  You might use index cards, you might want to use scrap paper or photo copy paper.  You might want to use your design kits.   Take pictures of your sketchnotes.  Put them in your Google Drive English IN folder.

Work on your Writing Assessment.
Due Next Thursday/Friday.

Work on designs/prototypes of Cardboard Challenge.

Roots Quiz 3.
Next Wednesday/Thursday.

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