Monday, October 17, 2016

Eng 9: Cardboard Challenge. Design Sprints & Next Steps.

Today's class crushed it Cardboard Challenge style.  We ran a version of a design sprint: a way of running through our design process while focusing on user needs, generating ideas, and getting feedback in a hurry.

Remember we are using the DEEPdt design process.

Today we focus on EMPATHIZE & EXPERIMENT.

EMPATHY Phase. We started with Empathy Interviews.  Here's a list of questions that were generated last week and a couple of pictures from the's interviews with Mrs. Howatt's classes.

EMPATHY Phase. From here we came back to the room and unpacked our interviews using Post-It notes to look for trends and insights.

This led to our 8 Box-ing.  8 ideas in 4 minutes.

We then created 3 panel storyboards from the ideas that resonated the most with the design team members.

We laid out our storyboards on a few tables and used LEGO bricks to provide non-verbal feedback.
WHITE/GRAY: Questions.
RED/YELLOW: Concerns.

Next Steps . . .

Next class we start making our low-res prototypes out of manila folder material and some other cardboard we have.  These are due Friday.  A low-res prototype MUST BE COMPLETED before I provide your two pieces of official cardboard.   Finished Prototypes for Users: DUE NEXT THURSDAY & FRIDAY, Oct 27 & 28.
Roots Quiz 3.  Thursday and Friday.
Remember.  Over Roots 1-3.

Narrative Writing Assessment.
Due. Thursday & Friday. 10.20-21.

Work on Design for Cardboard Challenge.

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