Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pop Culture: Music Supervision & Soundtracking (Partial Explanation for the Day)

I'll add more of what we did today/what Wednesday's class will do tomorrow.

This is an example of a Musical Solution, using music to solve a problem.  In this case, how might we engage an audience in our film through the use of someone's music?

Station 1.  Music Supervision and Soundtracking.

Step 1.  Choose the clip from our class folder on Google Drive for which you'd like to create a soundtrack.

Step 2. Investigate that music to find three songs.

a) One that suits it perfectly and the intention/feeling/mood of the scene.

b) One that transforms the scene into a different intention/feeling/mood scene.

c) One that just doesn't fit.  At all. 

Step 3.   Document those songs by finding them on YouTube/Vimeo or Spotify and creating a playlist.

Step 4. Post your playlist and explanations of your choices, your intentions behind each choice -- whether written or audio/video recorded -- on your blog.

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