Monday, November 28, 2016

Pop Culture: Movie Trailer by Design Production Week!

This is it folks!  Trailers are due on Thursday and Friday!  We'll be having screenings in a location TBD.  (Hopefully it won't be Room F215 . . . )

Here's the rubric that is also in your Pop Culture OUT Google Drive folder in the Movie Trailers by Design subfolder.

Pop Culture Fall 2016: Trailers by Design Single Point Rubric

How might we design movie trailers that make audiences want to see the whole movie?
Creative Constraints:  
  • Your prototype trailer must be for a film that has not been made
  • Your prototype trailer may be an adaptation of an intellectual property that exists, but it cannot be an IP that has been made into a film before
  • Your prototype trailer must have a run length of :30 to 2:00.  
  • You must submit a written or recorded explanation of the intentions behind your prototype trailer.
  • You must submit an Intention Map for your prototype trailer
Evidence of Exceeding the Standard (clever, insightful, unique, powerful, creative, meaningful, professional)
What Meeting the Standard Looks Like
Evidence of Needs for Improvement (gaps, missing pieces or evidence, incomplete thoughts)
Movie Trailer Prototype

I like how your trailer presents an effective solution to the identified problem.  I like how every aspect of your trailer seems purposeful. I like how your trailer seems to appeal to your users. I like how I only have to ask minimal questions to understand your solutions.

Design Process Documentation

I like how your design documentation shows that you have identified a problem, considered the users needs, explored several solutions, and worked up a prototype. I like how you organized your photos/video/notes/sketches in a way that it is easy to see your thinking.

Written Explanations

I like how your details are specific and make it clear to me what you intended with your prototype.  I like how well organized your writing appears and how it seems to show your voice.  I like how I get a strong sense of how your prototype will solve the problem.

Vocal Explanations

I like how articulate your explanations come across because your details are specific and you make it clear to me what you intended with your prototype.  I like clearly you speak with a deliberate pace. I like how I get a strong sense of how your prototype will solve the problem.

Mechanics, Usage, Grammar, Spelling

I like how your work is nearly error free in terms of MUGS.  There may be one or two minor errors but you generally show control of your writing.


The final product is turned in within 24 hours of the agreed upon due date.

In addition to the written/recorded explanation of design and intention, you must complete this Intention map -- also in your Google Drive Pop Culture OUT folder.  This connects the dots between all of the empathy work you've done and the prototype trailer you create.

Identify Three Key Pieces of Empathy Evidence that Helped You to Meet Your Users’ Needs
Empathy Evidence (Survey/ Interview Data screenshot, pic, or text)
Design Feature
(pic, vid or description)
How did your empathy evidence inform your design feature and help you meet your users’ needs?
What changes might you make to this feature in a future iteration?

Your blog post for this week asks you to document your trailer design process.   Photos, screenshots, drawings, doodles, maps, plans, anything and everything.  Consider it a behind-the-scenes DVD/Blu-Ray extra feature.

BLOG.  Document Your Movie Trailer by Design Process.  Photos, screenshots, drawings, doodles, maps, plans, anything and everything that shows the story of creating your trailer.  Explain your process as you document. You may prefer to post an audio or video recording of your explanation.
DUE. Friday. 12.2.16

DESIGN. MOVIE TRAILER BY DESIGN.  Complete your movie trailer.  Remember to check the rubric for expectations and creative constraints.  Remember to complete the written/recorded explanation of intentions as well as the intention map.  (See above in this post.  Graphic organizers and rubrics in your Pop Culture OUT folder on Google Drive.)
DUE. Thursday.12.1.16/Friday.12.2.16


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