Tuesday, October 22, 2013

AP Lit 3G: J. Alfred Prufrock Re-Mix

Cue the horns.

HMW (How might we) craft "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufock" remixes that remain true to the original while featuring new aesthetics and offering new meanings and contexts.

We started this work last week by dive bombing right into the thick of it with scissors and oversized copies and mentor texts in the form of Ellie Goulding videos.  Last week you were also to have read from a collection of literary criticism about "J. Alfred" and consider your own thinking in that regards.

Today, we will take one little step back so that we might take fifty coffee spoons forward this week.

We'll revisit the DEEP process, identify the stages through which we've already passed, and use design thinking to catapult us further into the HMW for this week's creative blog post.  This will also set up our thinking for our big, rest of the year, endeavor: personal analytical process.

As will tonight's homework.  Read and annotate two of the three selections from contemporary poets below.  As you read, consider the techniques evident that Eliot employed in "J. Alfred," as well as content and thematic connections.  

More importantly, however, is to document your process.  Take pics & screenshots as you go.  Perhaps record yourself thinking outloud.  Use these prompts to guide you (however -- do not merely answer the following -- this isn't a worksheet-style list of questions)
  • When do you annotate?  Before, during or after the reading?
  • Do you work in pen & pencil or fingers & keyboard?
  • What patterns/trends do you see in your annotations?
  • Do you make connections to other texts?
  • What sorts of marks and highlighting techniques do you use?
** All work goes in your AP Lit 2013 In Folder **

Read & Annotate: 
* 2 of 3 poems linked above
Document your process with as much detail and introspection and evidence as possible
Due: Wednesday, 10/23

3+ Posts
Creative Blog Prompt: Remix "J. Alfred."  Added Challenge? Music. Video.  Yeah.
Due: Friday, 10/25

College Essays & Synthesis Essays
Due: Friday, Oct 25 at the latest

Read & Create: Award Winning/Finalist (Formerly called "Indie") Book Project
Due: Tuesday, Nov 5 or Wednesday, Nov 6

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