Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Humanities: Looking at Student Centered vs. Teacher Centered Work

We took time on Monday to examine the ways in which the work we are currently doing is teacher-centered and the ways in which is it student-centered.

We used DEEP design thinking to help us come up with a way to do this using note cards and markers.

On Tuesday, we started the process of turning this conversation into action we can take based on this information.

I wanted to make a powerful point about student choice: when you have it, use it.  Why make boring, lame things when you have the choice to make them awesome?

Don't want to write a boring essay? Then don't!  Write the essay that would make you want to keep reading it!

Don't want to make a boring IGNITE presentation?  Then don't!  Make an IGNITE presentation you actually want to see!

Uninterested in the topic?  Choose an angle that interests you!  Maybe the history of chicken is boring, but the history behind hot wing competitions is interesting, or Colonel Sanders and his original recipe, or chicken farming in Farmington or who knows?!


Submit: Cardboard Challenge: IGNITE Research Presentation (12 slides, 2 minutes)
Place in your Humanities IN Folder on Google Drive
Due: Last Week

Write: Cardboard Challenge: 5 Paragraph Essay Reflection on Product, Process, Outcome
Place in your Humanities IN folder 
Due: Last Week

3+ Posts
Required Post: What would class be like if it was more student-centered?  What would it be like if it was more teacher-centered?
Due: Friday, 10/25

Learn: Roots 3
Word Map & Quiz (Roots 1 - 3)
Due: Thursday, 10/24

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