Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Humanities: Scavenging & Thinking

Today will be chock full o' goodness.

We'll start with a vocab activity.  Remember, we have a quiz on Thursday (Roots 1, 2 & 3) and a Word Map due.

This will in turn lead to a mightily powerful scavenger hunt.   Bring your canteens and your pith helmets.

What's a pith helmet?  Look down.  There it is.

Post scavenger hunt, we'll continue our work from yesterday involving student choice & voice and how the class balances student-centered learning with teacher-centered learning.

The info from Monday's class is below.

We'll also talk about ways to make Humanities even better based on the above.


Submit: Cardboard Challenge: IGNITE Research Presentation (12 slides, 2 minutes)
Place in your Humanities IN Folder on Google Drive
Due: Last Week

Write: Cardboard Challenge: 5 Paragraph Essay Reflection on Product, Process, Outcome
Place in your Humanities IN folder 
Due: Last Week

3+ Posts
Required Post: What would class be like if it was more student-centered?  What would it be like if it was more teacher-centered?
Due: Friday, 10/25

Learn: Roots 3
Word Map & Quiz (Roots 1 - 3)
Due: Thursday, 10/24

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