Thursday, September 10, 2015

AP Lit 4B: Guidelines & Expectations, Smith's "I Don't Miss It" and Literary 3x3

Guidelines and Expectations.

After relocating to the library to escape the miserable heat of the classroom, we talked about the Guidelines & Expectations for this year.  With our small class size, many of these are irrelevant and we'll be able to customize our work even further.  I think it serves as a good base.

"I Don't Miss It" and Literary 3x3.

We read Tracy K. Smith's "I Don't Miss It" and did some close reading and annotating.
Then we introduced Literary 3x3.

Literary 3x3.  You can read more detail about it by reading Rebecca Daniel's explanation of William Melvin Kelley's technique in the AP Lit guide available here.

Screenshot here.

From the AP Lit Writing Guide
The idea here is that by distilling our thinking about a text down to a 3x3, we can hone our thinking and then use it as a catalyst for further development into . . . oh . . . say . . . a piece of analytical writing.  I'd argue that developing a 3x3 is completely worth your time as a pre-writing exercise during the on-demand portion of the test.

We ran out of time before we could create a Literary 3x3 for Smith's poem.  So you'll do that for Friday along with the following.

Out of Class Work

Read & Annotate.  How to Read Lit Like a Professor Introduction.
Create.  Literary 3x3s.
Intro of How to Read Lit
"I Don't Miss It"
Both Summer Books

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