Thursday, September 10, 2015

Humanities 2BG: Doodling to Think

Today was our first day with laptops.

We'll began with our thirty circles again as a quick warm up.  This led right into the rest of our thinking.

We watched a short news clip about a recent story about a break-in in Maine.

 We  identified  the key points as a class and then set them aside for a moment, while I showed you about these super cool tools from Austin Kleon.

We'll did some work with this alphabet and saw what we can create.  I even added an alphabet item or two.

Then we'll bring it back over to the key points and find ways to demonstrate the key points using the visual symbols we can create with the drawing alphabet.   We find it incredibly helpful and powerful for people to be able to express their ideas in both words and images -- even if those images are super simple.  (Actually, simple images can sometimes do the work of representing an idea much better than complex ones.)  

From here, you will be able to choose one out of six readings/listening/watchings to explore using this new set of thinking and demonstrating tools.  All of these readings and listenings can be found on our new Google Classroom space.  
Out of Class Work
Complete.  Guidelines & Expectations signatures sheet.
Complete.  Personal flag.

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