Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pop Culture 3B: Circles and Oreos

Thirty Circles.

We opened today with the thirty circles exercise.

We will be revisiting this exercise a bunch of times, with variations on each,  to help us jog our brains and get thinking about possibilities and creative solutions.  This exercise is used by designers, engineers, and collaborative teams in all sorts of industries to help shake up typical ways of thinking.

Circles of Pop Culture

From there we identified the various categories of pop culture and then narrowed them down to eight.  These eight will constitute our curriculum for the semester: music, film, fashion, internet/social media, food, gaming, sports, TV.

We used sets of colored circles to demonstrate individual, and in some cases group, preferences and interest in the above categories.

I will use these images (and the others provided) as polling data to help me design the course for the semester, starting with next week.

Oreo Design Challenge

With our last twenty minutes, we tackled another mini design challenge: How might we create advertisements for the pop culture we love using an Oreo?   Using only twenty minutes, an Oreo (or two), and any materials/locations in the school, create a visual advertisement for a piece of pop culture you love.

Here are a few of our results.

Friday, we'll tackle our next mini design challenge and we'll use our DEEPdt design process for the first time this year.

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