Thursday, September 10, 2015

Eng 9: Laptops, Suiting Up and Oreos.

Today was our first day with laptops.  We did a pretty good job staying on point.  We really need to to be careful about getting distracted with laptop issues when we don't need to be focused on them.  (VPP could have waited.)

That said, we did some great work with Suit Up, an opportunity to get to know one another a bit better, names, strengths, weakness, Oreos.

After getting to know five other people in class, you then tackled the mini-design challenge of "How might we demonstrate a super power or kryptonite with an Oreo?"  You were allowed to use any materials in the room and could get a additional Oreos if you pitched the idea to me.

Out of Class Work
Bring In to School. Over the weekend, find three items from home that represent you in a meaningful way and bring them in.  Please do not bring anything valuable or fragile.  And these items need to be transportable in a reasonable way.  Think about what might fit in a backpack or a pocket.
Due.  Monday, 9.14.15.

Complete.  Guidelines and Expectations signature sheet.  
Due. ASAP.

If Possible, Gather.  Design Kit.
Due. ASAP if Possible.

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