Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pop Culture: Film & Music: Soundtracking & Scoring

This is an example of a Musical Solution, using music to solve a problem.  In this case, how might we engage an audience in our film through the use of someone else's music?

Apocalypse Now.


Say Anything.

Step 1.  Choose the clip  for which you'd like to create a soundtrack.  (Look in our class OUT folder on Google Drive for these clips as well.)

Step 2. Investigate the music you know to find three songs.

a) One that suits it perfectly and the intention/feeling/mood of the scene.

b) One that transforms the scene into a different intention/feeling/mood scene.

Check out Rocky as a story of a dude working out to deal with his heartbreak.

c) One that just doesn't fit.  At all.  Yet is strangely awesome.

Check out a friendship that never ends, courtesy the Air Calvary.

Step 3.   Document those songs by finding them on YouTube/Vimeo or Spotify and creating a playlist.

Step 4. Post your playlist and explanations of your choices, your intentions behind each choice -- whether written or audio/video recorded -- on your blog.

After completing this blog post, you have the rest of time today to work on your Musical Solutions project (due FRIDAY!), posting your blogs on the blog tracker, and or making sure your Pop Culture Lineage project documentation (pictures, write ups/explanations) are in your Google Drive Pop Culture IN folder.  

Friday, we will be sharing our Musical Solutions (feedback rounds come next week) and gearing right up for our next debate: Rated R movies.

Heads UP!  Next week I will be asking you to revise your blog posts into the best evidence of your writing, MUGS and media skills you can muster.  Think about which posts have been the most successful for you and what you might do to make them that much stronger.  You will be asked to choose three to serve as your best evidence of meeting the standards.  You will be able to revise them and make them BOOM PUNCH THE SKY awesome.


Musical Solutions Design Challenge
Due. This Thursday/Friday.
Be Certain to Check the Rubric (Pop Culture OUT Folder on Google Drive)

Blog:  Soundtracking.  See Above.
Due. Friday.

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